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We specialise in conceptualising & executing, corporate messaging through creative thinking, action-oriented strategies, reliable methods, and deliver it through highly skilled team of professionals. To keep the long story short – We, structure your messaging to your target audience. These services are offered to organisational functions like – Sales, Marketing & HR, with performing activities, which help in empowering brands, empowering meets and employee delight.


We believe in creating something wonderful.

Product Launch

Begin your journey with a bang.

A product launch is a critical time for any company. While you know your product, its value and benefits; prodigy will help you launch it with the right impact. With an understanding of the product and the value it brings to your customer through its key features; prodigy, with its creative experts will help translate this into a visual reality, by presenting your product in the way your customer would want to use it & adapt it.


People will stare, we will make it worth their while.

We help you in creating a unique name and image for your product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through marketing campaigns with a consistent theme. We help your company establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts new prospects and retains loyal customers.

Business Conferences

Plan together, work together.

A conference is a meeting of people who “confer ” about a topic. It can be a business related topic or a trade fair, organised like a business conference but with wider participation. Prodigy has built a network of brilliant conferencing locations across India and helps in innovative solutions for effective conferencing. We carefully assess your needs to the minutest detail and deliver technical and pragmatic end-to-end solutions combined with creativity.

Customer/Vendor Meets

We will delight you.

While you have made customer, the centre of your culture – it is no longer enough to measure it by customer satisfaction. You must delight them. Prodigy helps you in achieving the same with innovative ideas, themes and activities. It doesn’t stop at just the end-customer; partners/dealers are also customers in other sense. Prodigy’s wide range of programs will help you in customer delight, value and retention. End of the day, its strong customer bonds, what every organisation goals at.

Annual Celebrations

Cheers to the new.

Annual celebrations are all about being the perfect blend of fun and enjoyment. The underlying theme of such celebrations is the success of the business organisation on the path of their goal achievement. We understands the pulse of the corporate mission of bringing all the business elements on one platform. Be it legal permits, official clearances or catering – we take care of all these, right from conceptualisation to execution stage.

Rewards & Recognition

Shine like a star.

Dare to Dream, Dare to fly, Dare to be the ever chosen one to touch the sky. STARS – is what we call them. Prodigy helps in organising award ceremonies to honour your STARS who have made a difference at work. Their performance stood out in style – so will our event be.


There is magic which happens when talent meets creativity. Everything lines up, world is in sync. And for that one perfect moment, it will bring you alive. Just sit back and watch, while our best creative talent work together at once, and ensure your corporate get-together has the best to offer. Our experts will help translate all our agreed thoughts into a visual reality, by creating the best ambience based on the theme, resulting in an elated experience.

Seeing is believing.

We believe, what we see. We see, what we believe.
We see something a hundred times, a thousand times, until we understand.
We grasp the whole picture, only through the details.
Something we see only once and recognise them immediately.
A moment, a blink, a lasting impression.
Seeing the moments bear witness to the extraordinary.
We believe, what we see. We see, what we believe. 


Commitment is a two way street,
if we are asking for it from you, then you are getting it from us.

Commitment leads to action & actions bring us closer to our vision.


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